Monday, January 25, 2010

Active Pregnant Women Tend to Stay Healthier

Another great article showing the benefits of exercise during pregancy, backed by the research of Dr James Clapp, III.


Anonymous said...


Given the picture above, I am curious how you approach the issue of pregnancy and exercises that require a more significant challenge to balance.

Do you simply opt for more stable versions as the pregnancy progresses, regardless of who the woman in question is, or do you take her experience level and how she feels into account?

There will obviously be large variations in how much a woman's center of gravity is affected by her developing baby, so I am just curious if you would merely slow things down a bit and see how a movement feels or just scrap them for the time being (things like 1-leg RDL's, not circus acts on BOSU's, which shouldn't be in there anyway, hah, hah).


Cassandra Forsythe said...

Hi Frank

It just depends on the woman and, like you said, how her COG is affected.

I'm 32 weeks and do not have any balance issues. I do avoid RDLs though for other reasons specific to me and my back issues. But, any highly trained woman should not really be affected.

Thank you for your comments!

Galya Talkington said...

I have not seen serious balance issues until the moms were already 8+ mnts pregnant and their belly weight was higher. In such cases I have substituted one leg cable or band Romanian deadlifts for the dumbbell version, since most women find that more tolerable. It's individual too, since moms have a different degree of skill in exercising, but given they have some experience, most balance challenging exercises should be beneficial.

joseph said...

does it not increase the risk of abortion?! and it is difficult to follow a perfect diet also in pregnancy isnt it?!

Smiley Leslie said...

sent this link to my pregnant friend. it made her very happy and i just wanted to say thanks for being such a positive role model for ALL women.

Melamalie said...

Thanks for these great posts! I'm planning to go back to them if/when I'm pregnant and trying to keep up my training!

Sorta off-topic question: do you know where I can find one of those "training for two" t-shirts? I did a Google search, but couldn't find them!


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