Sunday, January 3, 2010

Picture Time!

My fellow blogspot mommy-to-be Nicole in Australia at YummyMummyProject posted some recent pics of her belly on her blog and this has inspired me to share a few with all of you.

I follow Nicole's blog because she's a workout mama like myself AND because her and I are due almost the same time. It's pretty cool to see how her pregnancy is going compared to mine... and the fact that's she across the globe! I love the internet :)

I've posted pics on Facebook, but since not all my readers are FB'ers, I'll share here too. First is a side pic of my belly post-workout. You can't really tell, but my belly button has almost turned into an outie.

Second picture is from New Years Eve, right before my hubby and I headed out for a party at one of our friend's house. (disclaimer... all I did was eat... no alcohol of course).
For exercise today, well, I've been battling a cold for about a week. I swear, I've not been sick for longer than 2 days in a LONG LONG time. But, this one was one that just didn't want to leave. I trained really hard yesterday doing a metabolic circuit for an hour after I taught boot camp, but today all I did was go for a walk, wash the floors and shovel... no lifting because I was now just finally feeling better. I guess pregnancy really does depress the immune system. Thankfully I'm only battling a cold and nothing more serious.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great week back at reality! Now that the holiday season has passed, there is a lot to do in 2010.

Best, Cass

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Nicole said...

How cool!! Your bump photos rock and you are looking absolutely glowing :) I agree - internet is such a fabulous thing! Nicole xx