Sunday, July 29, 2007

More about role models

Last year I blogged about how atrocious some of the women on magazine covers look these days. Basically, I went off on a tantrum about the fact that the women who are "supposed to be" our role models, look nothing like any woman could possible appear naturally. It's ridiculous how thin some of these women seem - making it no wonder why women are overly critical about their physiques.

Well, a few days back, my co-author Lou Schuler posted a link about how Redbook drastically altered a photo of the beautiful Miss Faith Hill because they felt her almost 40 year old wrinkles, her wee-bit of loose skin, and normal sized arms were unapproapriate for a cover picture.

Please have a look at the link here and you'll be just as disgusted at how some people think women should look, just to be on a cover of a magazine. If the change in the size of Faith's arms is not enough to make you want to vomit, watch for her shrinking hips and disappearing smile lines.

If gorgeous Faith Hill isn't good enough the way she is to be on the cover of Redbook the way she is, you wonder who the heck really is?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Creatine for Women

Today T-nation's counterpart, musclewithattitude published an article I wrote with my friend Jen Heath about creatine use for women.

Check it out here


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2007 is the year for Fat Loss

If you're looking to make 2007 the year in which you succeed at Fat Loss, then you need to tune your MP3 to this amazing resource created by Jen Heath:

Fat Loss Pros

I was recently recruited (along with noted fat-loss experts such as Chad Waterbury, Dr. Lonnie Lowery, Craig Ballantyne, Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, Alwyn Cosgrove, Charles Staley, and several others) to provide my BEST thinking on real-World, practical fat-loss for a comprehensive 15-hour downloadable MP3 interview collection.

In addition to the staggering 15 hours worth of fat-loss secrets from the top dogs in the industry, the package also includes a ton of bonus materials from all the experts involved.

My bottom line for you is this: if you can’t get crazy-lean with the tips, tricks, strategies, insights, diet plans, and inspiration you’ll find in this expert interview compilation, it’s just never gonna happen for you!

It all comes down to a simple question- are you serious?

If so, get your own copy of Fat Loss Pros and make 2007 the year you get freaky lean.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Bike Specs

I didn't think I'd get asked this, but Robin had asked me to post some specs about my great new bike.

You can go to the Specialized website and get all the details here

I'll also list information about the bike right below:

Name: Specialized Crossroads Sport Women's


-A1 Premium Aluminum Low Entry "U-Frame" design, Ground Control Geometry 700c comfort frame
-SR suspension fork
-Body Geometry Comfort grips, triple density gel
-Tektro alloy 3 finger brake lever, Kraton contact area, for twist shifter
-Wellgo platform pedals
-Specialized Super Comfort Plush saddle w/ springs and an alloy suspension seatpost (this is the best part... springs in my butt!)

Tektro "V" w/ linear spring
Tektro Wmns alloy 3 finger lever, Kraton contact area, for twist shifter
Shimano C-102, 31.8 clamp
Shimano Acera
Shimano RS-41 Revo Twist
Shimano HG-40, 8-speed, 11-32t

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Biking to the gym

Don't you think it's a little funny that a person would bike to the gym?

I do.

So, today, instead of getting in my car and driving to the gym to just do cardio, I road my bike. Now, it normally takes me about 15 minutes to drive there, but today on my bike, it took 45.

The day was gorgeous, the air was fresh (albeight a bit humid) and the sun was shining.

Since I have a bad back which makes it very painful to ride a bike, I finally located a bike that works for my mechanics. This made my ride much more enjoyable then the year prior when I would get off my $1300 road bike and want to just die from the pain. Now, I've got myself a granny bike (as some people call it) which sits me upright and makes my back very happy. It also gives my legs and butt a killer workout because the angle at which I sit is almost like stepping up on a stair rather than rolling my thigh back on a normal bike.

Pictured is my beauty bike. If you have a bad back, like I, I encourage you to check one out. It's the Specialized Crosstrails and it makes riding to gym a great and pain-free workout.

The next time you have the option to bike to the gym instead of driving you should. It made my whole day a lot better and my workout a lot longer.