Monday, February 8, 2010

33 weeks and still exercising hard!

Sorry for the MIA from blogging. I've been working a lot lately - usually from 9am to 8pm and by the time I get home, I don't feel like thinking.

But, I've still been working out hard and as of yet, have not gained any appreciable body weight or fat. I swear I have more definition in my legs and arms now than before. My weight is only 0.5lbs more than it was since back in November. All the while though, my baby is growing normally and my belly is measuring the way it should for the week I'm at.

My workouts are still pretty tough, but I will say I do have to step back from the frequency. Lately I've been getting more light-headed and winded than ever before so I've been resting more and it's helping.

Saturday I taught boot camp (I also teach 3 on Thursday and 2 on Tuesday), and this is what we did for our workout:

1) 10 minute dynamic warmup

2) 20:10 Tabata interval work consisting of:
  1. Kettlebell swings (heavy KB - for me 50lbs)
  2. Kettlebell front squats (ligher KB - for me 30 lbs)
  3. Kettlebell reverse lunges
  4. Kettlebell supine hip extensions (put the KB on your hips... mine was really low on my hips as you can imagine)
  5. Standing dumbbell pushpress (heavy DBs - for me, 20lbs each hand)
  6. Standing DB bentover row
  7. Floor pushups
  8. Floor skull crushers with heavy KB
This 4 minute round was repeated 3 more times for 20 minutes of total work.

Then, we followed with 40:15 interval circuits, consisting of:
  1. Ab wheel roll-out (I can no longer go out all the way on these, so I just go as far as I can... too much stretching!)
  2. Battle Rope slams with the 40 foot training rope
  3. Burpees
  4. Box Jumps (I chose to do high steps ups instead of jump. I can still jump, but felt I'd beat myself up enough for the day)
  5. Med Ball Slams
After this we did a bit of core work consisting of planks held for 30 seconds each way, then cooled down with static stretching and foam rolling. I do have pictures of some of this to share, but unfortunately, not with me at the moment. I will post asap.

Prior to this boot camp class, on Friday night I lifted heavy with my other pregnant workout partner. We focused on our chest and back and for one of our sets did 5 reps of bench press with 125 lbs. We felt great!

I will say though, as these weeks progress and my baby speeds up her growth that I am having a harder time recovering. My muscles are sorer for a longer period of time than they usually are. I am keeping my nutrition very complete, but know that baby's needs are first and my muscles can just suffer if they have to.

Overall, I'm still exercising hard with less than 7 weeks to go and absolutely love how I feel! I have no bloating, no excessive weight gain, no stretch marks, very minimal back pain and few mood swings (my husband might argue that one.... hahaha).

Exercising hard through your pregnancy can be a really great thing and if it's ok for you to do and you did it before, then, go forth and be happy!



Smiley Leslie said...

i love that you are doing burpees still.. EPIC!

meredith said...

yes yes yes! My Dr accused me of doing something unhealthy for the baby because I worked out so hard - similar workouts to yours. I too had no bodyfat gain but the baby grew great. He was just under 8 pounds and born at 48 weeks. Keep it up and your labor will be yours to control!

I have a request- do you hav any info on pelvic muscle strengthening/stabilization routines - specifically postpartum. Thanks!

meredith said...

ooops! 38 weeks i meant. i am nursing while writing this. TMI

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for sharing your fit pregnant experience. Hubby and I are trying to conceive and I want to keep training hard through pregnancy with the goal of being a healthy & happy mommy to a healthy & happy baby. The info and research you provide is useful for my own reading - and I plan to share with my doctor and my husband - and your workouts and results are extremely inspirational. All my best!

Amy said...

So glad to hear everything is still going well for you!

Trixie said...

WOW Cass, 50lbs kettlebell swings, I'm super impressed!!!!

Angie said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. Some of us worry when we don't hear from you! I'm only 9 weeks pregnant and I can barely drag myself out of bed, never mind work out. This will get better, right?!

Cassandra Forsythe said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Smiley: yes, still doing burpees. I have to get around my belly a little bit, but it's still possible :)

Meredith: LOL - your baby is lucky that you can type and breastfeed at the same time!

Angie - yes, it will get better! I was the same way in the first trimester: tired all the time. Once I hit the 11 week mark or so, I was SO much more energetic! Hang in there!

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