Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ultrasound Update at 33 weeks

This past Tuesday, I had to go in for an ultrasound because on my last Drs visit, she said I was measuring a bit small. That coupled with the fact that I've still not gained any weight (and in fact, for some reason, yesterday, I LOST 3lbs), they were worried something was wrong with the baby or the fluid around the baby.

However, I really think the Dr did the measurement wrong because it's totally obvious that my belly was bigger than it was just two weeks ago. But, because I never see the same Dr twice (the way OBGYN practices are run nowadays), they had no idea what I looked like two weeks ago. Sigh, frustration.

Also, in that last Drs visit, the Dr was giving me a hard time because I declined my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) a few weeks ago and wanted me to either have it done now or monitor my sugars myself at home. The reason I declined the test is because I have reactive hypoglycemia in response to a ton of carbs. That's why I prefer a moderate carb diet instead of what our government tells us to eat. I've had really horrid responses to OGTTs in the past (like a low of 47 ng/dl of glucose at the 2 hr mark - close to passing out), and didn't want to put myself or my baby through that again. Plus, why is it good to give your baby all that sugar in one dose anyhow? I personally think it's ridiculous.

Well, I told her that there's no way in H*LL that I have gestational diabetes (GDM) based on the fact that my sugars usually run low, and I don't eat a high carb diet. Also, I exercise almost everyday, I haven't gained a lot of weight and I have no sugar in my urine on any of my urine tests. But, she persisted. I tried to reason with her and told her that if I did have GDM, my baby would be LARGE, not small, like she was accusing me of.

Anyhow, I gave in and bought more strips for the glucose monitor I have at home (I used to check for other reasons related to hypoglycemia). What I've found is that my fasting sugars are usually in the range of 68-73 in the morning (which is getting to the low side) and my 1 and 2 hr sugars never get higher than 115. So... I was right :)

Then, to the ultrasound: turns out the baby is completely and utterly NORMAL: she's weighing just over 4lbs (which is pretty much textbook), her head is down and her feet are stuck in my ribs (I could have told you that already... it kills sometimes), her arms, legs and body are totally normal, her head circumference is totally normal and the fluid around her is totally normal.

So, yes, I can be a workout nut, not gain a lot of body fat or weight and STILL have a HEALTHY and NORMAL baby growing inside me. But, I'm also eating well with all the exercise I'm doing: calories when I need them, lots of essential fats and protein, lots of green vegetables and fruits, frequent meals and listen to my body when it tells me to eat. I will admit I do indulge in cake every once in awhile, but hey, it's at least trans fat free :)

The one thing I think about is that if my baby is used to me working out so much, is she going to want to be moved and bounced a lot when she comes out? Yikes... that means I'm going to be on my toes a lot! Oh well... it'll help get the rest of the baby weight off faster at least!


sybil said...

Hi Cassandra,
I don't post comments often but I wanted you to know that not only do I enjoy your blog but I appreciate the information you give us.

I really find benefit in your information about your boot camps/interval exercises. And, even thought I'm well past childbearing age, your process through your pregnancy is very interesting to read. I think for me, it encourages me to listen to my body and trust my research rather than blindly following the typical thought processes of fitness or medical professionals.


sybil said...

typo.......though not thought.... :o)

Cassandra Forsythe said...

Thanks Sybil! I'm glad you enjoy my posts! :)

Jen said...

You're doing terrific! If women were truly required to sit around while pregnant, the race would have died out millenia ago.

Re: if my baby is used to me working out so much, is she going to want to be moved and bounced a lot when she comes out? -- Look into baby carriers. My kids lived in slings and front carriers for years, almost.

I think I've mentioned it before, but I think that moving around so much, and being bathed in MY endorphins for 9 months has made them love moving themselves. Here's to raising healthy kids!

And, I find myself wondering whether you'll be nursing, and if so, what effect that will have on your leanness -- my body wanted to keep extra fat on to feed the kids during the next famine. About 10 pounds didn't budge until I finally weaned them at 13 and 24 mos.

Cassandra Forsythe said...

Hi Jen!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I do have a Moby Sling that I'm planning on using for most of the time. I also am picking up a swing today (for some reason, I think she's going to really like a swing when my body needs a break).

As far as breastfeeding - absolutely, 100%, yes. I've heard too that it does cause the body to keep on some extra body fat, but if that's what has to happen, it has to be that way. Id rather keep some fat on my body that subject her to horrid formula. My goal is at least 6 months of breastfeeding and then pair it with solids when necessary. I don't know if I can do longer than 12 months, but I've seen it done, so I won't give up if it's needed.

Thank you again!

Nicole said...

Phew, so glad to hear that everything with your bub is normal. I swear Dr's don't really know what is going on in there and freak us mum's to be out for no reason!! I'm sure by the end I will end up with an 8 pound baby!! LOL

Good on you for refusing the glucose test - I had the same concerns as you but here in Oz there is NO choice but to have it, which is very annoying!

Not long now until our little bundles of joy (let's hope!! LOL) arrive :) Nicole xx

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prashant said...

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varsha said...

The self-belief and the courage a fit lifestyle and a solid grounding in nutrition science can give is amazing.Kudos to you for standing up to your doctor and for sharing this with us.I love your blog!

Tay said...

Ouch! Feet stuck in your ribs...

I do hate when you can't see the same doctor each time. It's like you have to start explaining things from the beginning all over again. You don't have time to build a relationship with the doctor and be comfortable with the doctor.

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Hi Cassandra,
I hope your pregnancy continues to go well. It is a little scary, not seeing the same doctor twice - I hope they are keeping good records.

I have read some of your other posts as well, this is a great blog. (Maybe someday I'll be able to come back and comment on one or two other posts of yours. I also, btw, love your writing style.)

Nutrition is something about which we all need to learn more!

- David

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Jaya said...

Cass, I am totally ignorant on all fronts related to pregnancy, but I feel a little less so every time I visit your blog. I don't think kids are in our plans for at least 304 years (to the extent that we can control it) but I feel like having a strong ethic of self-care benefits us all not only for a great pregnancy, but for better parenting..and life in general!

Michelle said...


I share your feelings on the glucose tolerance test exactly. I gave in and consented to the test because my midwife was making a big deal out of it. I failed the 1 hour test... I KNEW the results were wrong. And after some research learned that the 1 hour test has something like a 75% false positive rate! I ended up having to do the 3 hour test (even more sugar and artificial food coloring!) and of course passed with flying colors. A lot of headache for nothing.

I don't get why they create an artificial stimulus to measure a result... I would never consume that much sugar in one sitting, especially not of pure glucose and food coloring, so how is that a realistic measure of what my blood sugar is doing on a daily basis?


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