Friday, February 26, 2010

Amazing Female Olympic Body

To my readers that don't know my current obsession with the 2010 Winter Olympics... well, now you know.

Ever since the Olympics started, I've been glued to the TV whenever I have the chance. And, if I can't watch them on the tube, I'm checking updates online. (This never happens to me... I rarely watch TV, but lately it's a different story).

Part of this obsession has to do with the fact that the games are being held in my home country AND my home province (British Columbia). And, with my current lifestyle in the US, I've been happy to root for both the Canadian and American athletes (but, I secretely am happier when Canada wins, especially since their pool of athletes is 1/10th what the Americans have to pull from with a population of only 33 million compared to the US population of 304 million!).

In any matter, last night I stayed up until midnight to watch the women's figure skating competition, and boy, I'm glad I did. It was SUCH a solid competition between all the ladies. Those women are amazing! Very few of them made any mistakes, compared to the men's competition, where almost every man fell (even some of the top 5 guys). It just made my night to watch those ladies skate and show how strong and fit they really are (both mentally and physically).

One of my most favorite skaters (and not because she is Canadian) is Joannie Rochette. Did you see this woman? WOW! Talk about a great, athletic body!! Take a look at the pictures of her I've posted above. OUTSTANDING!

Some women may feel she's too muscular, but I think her physique is absolutely perfect. I love the muscular caps on her sholders, her toned legs and feminine biceps. To me, she's the epitomy of athleticism. Beautiful!

Many of the other female skaters are quite thin and show very little muscularity (even though they are rocks!), but this woman to me shows what a strong woman should really look like. Go girl!

That's just my opinion, but, what are you thoughts?

Just three more days of the Olympics left! Time to soak it all in!


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you in being a big Joannie fan :) Of course, I'm also Canadian so that helps!

It's so true about her looking like a serious athlete with those beeeoootiful muscles. My husband and I were discussing it this morning as we watched her program again.

As you said, the more waif-ish girls are obviously powerful and strong for their size, but I'm always waiting for their legs to crack on a landing! Joannie just looks so powerful, and is just as graceful and lovely (more in my opinion!).

Her physique, along with her strength of character and determination make her an excellent role model for both young girls who are aspiring skaters, and for any woman still searching for her inner athlete.

Jennifer (in Newfoundland)

Anonymous said...

I was totally hoping that she would win a metal, and I am so glad she did! I agree with you about her physique I think she looks perfect. She has the arms and shoulders that I dream of one day having. I was so thrilled to see someone with such beautiful visible muscles!

I loved watching her skate and even though I am from Utah I hoped that she would win because of the way she skated and her strength in performing so beautifully in such a difficult time of her life. I agree with Jennifer, what a wonderful roll model for any one.


Anonymous said...

I also like the more muscular build on women but I may be biased since I myself have that body type.
I was thinking about the different body sizes while watching the competition last night. I would be very interested to learn more about their training and diet regimes.

Lindsay (Ottawa)

Lori said...

I thought she looked great! I mentioned to my husband that it was nice to see a skater look like a strong woman instead of a wispy girl (not that they aren't strong as well).

Wennndy said...

Gorgeous and inspirational! She's a wonderful role model for fitness, grace, and strength, that's what I think.

Megann said...

I totally agree! Her body is my ideal - very feminine with gorgeous muscles. I pointed her out to my husband, and he agreed.

Kristina said...

I don't follow figure skating, but when I happened to catch it on the Olympics, I definitely noticed her body. I agree with you- i LOVE that type of strong, athletic female body. BUT I wonder if it is a detriment to her ability in the sport because she may be less agile and has to absorb heavier load when she decelerates from all those crazy jumps...

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