Sunday, July 12, 2009

Testimonial for the benefits of glucomannan

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This was was pretty busy for me: lots of work, and not much time at the computer at all. So, I'm sorry for not publishing all the great posts after last week's blog right away (I seriously am considering getting an iPhone so I can approve comments and blog on the road... that phone rocks).

Anyhow, what I'd really like to bring your attention to today is one of the comments an anonymous reader posting regarding her experiences with glucomannan. Her feedback really speaks the power of this special fiber and how it can help men and women with poor blood sugar and appetite control.

Here's her story:

First of all, I want to thank you for your book, Women's Health Perfect Body diet, which really introduced me to Glucomannan. I had heard of this fiber before, but never had taken it seriously.

Let me cut to the chase. I am not on any diet (except that I avoid casein and gluten for health reasons), and to be honest, I bought your book because I wanted to learn more about this unique fiber, not because I wanted a new diet.

End result: Glucomannan is helping my prediabetes unlike everything else I've tried. I finally feel like a normal person as far as food is concerned. I can literally go HOURS without food, thanks to glucomannan. I used to be hungry ALL DAY LONG.

The secret, as you say in your book is not swallowing the capsules, but emptying them whole into food.

I use the capsules to open up and dump in food when I'm away from home. At home I use Konjac brand Glucomannan powder to mix into food/beverages.

Thank you for your book, recipes, and wonderful tips on using this amazing fiber. I can't believe it's not more popular.

Please come out with a cookbook entirely devoted to glucomannan.

Because of this centuries old fiber, I will finally reach my goal weight.

Thank you again for bringing it to public attention. I truly believe it's saved my health.

Whoever this is: Please send me an email at because I have something special for you.

Best, Cassandra

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fitness strength training said...

Cassandra, I loved your Glucomannan... it worked great at helping to keep me full and "regular"! And the best part was it didn't taste dry or chalky on my food. I even gave some packages to my boyfriend's mom to try and she loves it too.. I think I got her hooked!
Thanks girl!
-Taylor Ryan