Monday, July 6, 2009

Technical Challenges to Reducing Sugar in Foods

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When I first moved here from Canada, I was amazed at how much excess sugar was found in foods. From breads to crackers to canned vegetables to frozen fruit, there was just more sugar in US foods than Canadian foods.

However, according to this scientific report, food scientists say that some sugar is necessary to provide proper texture to food (and impart better taste).

Sugar Interview

Yes, I totally agree with this statement and interview, but there seems to be much more than necessary nowadays. This is one of the reasons that food is now so irresistible (and as a result, leads to our state of over-fatness)

What are your thoughts?

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janelle. I live said...

I agree. There is definitely too much sugar in foods today, which is why a lot of people are switching to buying organic. The only problem with buying organic or making your own stuff is a) time and b) money. It's expensive! The only way that I can see the vast majority of us battling this one out is to simply be more cognizant of what food we are putting in our mouths (food journal perhaps?) as well as watching the portion size/frequency.

Niel K. Patel said...

Even if it's in excess, I think people need to understand moderation in when eating.

I forget which blog I was reading, but the author wrote HFCS in small amounts is fine. The problem is Americans consume nearly 70-80lbs of it in a year.

People should be aware to choose more foods that don't have added sugar, HFCS, MSG, ect.

MyDailyQuestion said...

I think it's a bunch of self-serving nonsense.

Fresh ripe fruits and veggies taste naturally delicious, without any added sweeteners.

When I shop for groceries, I usually don't get past the produce section. My favorite foods are avocados, tomatoes, and red bell peppers, all of which taste just fine already.

Erika said...

I struggle with this one as I love sweets. Born and raised in Hawaii on sugary fruit juices and white rice as a staple. It's easy for me to stay away from white rice now but I sure do crave my sweets.

Roxanne said...

Yeah I agree with you it is the most difficult to control. Sugar and sweets are so tempting.

Quinroxanne said...

Hi there. How much amount of sugar does our body needs?