Monday, October 6, 2008

No more Waifs!

According to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, women should not lift weights more than 3lbs.

Are you kidding me? What does she think? That if a woman did lift more weight than this she'd suddenly become enormous? Seriously... this woman needs a head exam (after I drop a 30lb weight on it). Grrr!!! She makes me so mad! Does she think we all want to look like the woman I posted above? Give me a break.

If a woman is only supposed to lift 3lbs and no more, how the heck can she carry a grocery bag? Or support her child? Or take out the trash (some of those bags are darn heavy!).

Oh wait, celebrities don't lift any of those things. They have slaves do it for them. ARghghghgh

Anyhow, Tony G, my good friend, has posted more on this and I strongly suggest you check it. (Plus, Tony blogs way more than I do, and is fricken hilarious. But, do come back for my weekly posts, as that's something I can stick to (so much going on right now that my blogging spare time is non-existant).


Anonymous said...

Amen! How are we supposed to build up bone density with three pounds??? Horrible.

STACKED said...

Yes, but she is hot and goes to the gym in her underwear.

Anonymous said...

sing it, sister! I used to have a coworker who was obsessed with "losing all the fat first" before she'd start lifting, and I always thought, "do you know how GROSS that would look??" Personally, I'd like to be able to climb a flight of stairs when I'm 70, mmkay?

Bob Parr said...


Speaking as a man, I don't think the "concentration camp victim" look is even remotely attractive on anyone.

As for the advice to lift no more than 3 pounds, it's typical of the rampant stupidity among those who call themselves "personal trainers" based on a certificate they've downloaded. It just makes the whole profession look bad.

Why don't they realize that even a man -- with much more natural testosterone -- has too work truly hard to build any appreciable muscle mass, and the chances of a non-steroid-abusing woman to build bulky muscles is virtually non-existant? Some heavy lifting of free weights would have only positive effects on women's appearance, their overall health, and the strength and mobility they need to handle daily tasks.