Monday, October 13, 2008

Become a FitCast Insider

The FitCast Insider, home to audio interviews to some of North America's most experienced and respected Fitness Professionals is offering Season One at a reduced rate! Get inside the action and sign up now for $30 off the regular price (that's a whole tank of gas now!!!)!
The interviews are with experts such as Alwyn Cssgrove, John Berardi, Jim Labadie, Mike Boyle and your's truely. Get tips and learn facts you don't read about online or in magazines.
For just $69, and less than $5 per interview, you can get tons of great information in the convenience of a MP3 format. You can play them in your car on the way to work (Instead of listening to the crappy radio show hosts talk about something totally annoying), or while you walk your dog.
The discount lasts until the end of this month, so you have just 19 days to get in on the action. Enjoy this great deal while it lasts!
Click here for the deal: The Fitcast Insider Discount

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