Saturday, October 11, 2008

Comment about "No More Waifs"

It seems that I'm not the only one peeved about Tracy A's approach to training women.

Check out the comments by CF readers below the original post. Then, check out what other bloggers and forums have to say:

No More Pink Dumbells

The Female Network




Finally, go lift something that weighs only 3lbs and see how unchallenging that feels.

3lbs??? hahahahahah

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CQ said...

HOOORRRAAAYYY!!! I've made it my mission recently to get the word out about the "lift no more than 2 lbs" absurdity! We have to spread the word that we women are strong and should be strong.

I keep a cycling blog with my season's goals posted on the main page. Goal # 4- lift like a guy (meaning lift to my potential and beyond, 2lbs is not my potential). I love it and have written a bunch on it. I completely appreciate how you and the other FitCast (motley) family always mention Jessica Beal as a great body and not Gwenth P or those other weak waifs!