Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cinnamon linked to better blood sugar control

6/26/2007 - Using cinnamon as a functional ingredient may lead to slower emptying of the stomach and reduce the rise in blood sugar after eating, says a new study.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adds to a growing body of research reporting that active compounds in cinnamon may improve parameters associated with diabetes.

"Inclusion of cinnamon in the diet lowers the postprandial glucose response, a change that is at least partially explained by a delayed [gastric emptying rate]," wrote lead author Joanna Hlebowicz from Malmo University Hospital, University of Lund


Mike Roussell said...

Hey Cass,

The Cinnamon thing is pretty interesting. I actually talked a bunch about this study in the latest Max-Out Radio http://www.maxoutradio.com/2007/06/10/max-out-radio-episode-15-bill-hartman/


Patrick Ward said...

Funny coincidence - cinnamon seems to be coming up everywhere I look. Just this past week, I had at least four patients ask me about cinnamon as a supplement, after reading something or seeing something on television.

Roxanne said...

Wow that's cool. I love cinnamon. It means I can eat as many as I can without worrying the risk of diabetes.