Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tom Brokaw explains the Canadian-American relationship, 2010

My mom sent me this link today and I thought it was awesome. I especially think it's great because my family is a mix of Canadians and Americans (my mom is Canadian, my dad is American), and now, my own family is a mix (I'm Canadian, my hubby is American... and baby is a mix).


Leslie Holmes said...

thanks for posting this! i'm sharing it with people now too! a little attention from the American media on Canada every now and then is nice :)

Mark said...

I remember seeing that at the beginning of the Olympics. It was good. I'm ashamed to say, as an American, I was unaware of a lot of that.

Did you hear this poem during the opening ceremonies?


Anonymous said...

That was a nice video - I think that too often we focus on what is different between the two countries. I know that as a Canadian, I'm struck by those differences more often than not, and it's easy from an international perspective to be a fall into the US bashing trend, especially in recent years.

And of course when it comes to Olympic hockey the line is firmly drawn :)

But the fact is that despite our differences and our strong individual identities and approaches, we are neighbours, partners and friends, and it's good to focus on that.

Great blog, by the way (I cam here via www.stumptuous.com)!!

Jennifer (in Newfoundland)

Jaya said...

Cass, this was definitely a really interesting piece. I was just thinking the other day about whether Montana is Southern Alberta, or whether Alberta is Northern Montana. Between these two countries, there is more panorama and extravagant landscape than any one person could take in in a single lifetime. I also married an America... Woo ha for sending your kids to university in either country without paying international fees!

HokieRider said...

Good stuff Cass. I saw that at the opening ceremonies. Between that and the slam poet fella, I gotta say, I wanted to be Canadian!

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