Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pictures of 33 1/2 weeks and exercise

As promised, here are a few pics from either exercising, stretching or post-workout at 33 weeks.

Pic #1 is a postworkout side profile. Pic #2 is me stretching at the end of one of my classes with my group. Pic #3 is me smashing a 16lb Dynamax Ball during one of my circuits. 


Bree said...

You look amazing! My future pregnancy role model :)

Unknown said...

Looking good!

I just found out last week that one of my favorite clients is pregnant, so I jumped onto your site to do some reading. I remember you saying on the Fitcast that you were still training hard, and I wanted a good example for my client who was a little hesitant about continuing the type of training we've been doing.

Kathryn said...

So glad to see you can train so hard at this point! I just found out I'm pregnant, and I look forward to working out the entire time. Thanks for the great example!
Right now I'm in that queasy phase where nothing sounds appetizing beyond bread. Any thoughts on maintaining decent nutrition during the early months?

HL said...

You are TRULY an inspiration. I gained 65 lbs with my first pregnancy and was horribly out of shape. I'm still working to get back in shape. I vowing to get my body fat down before I get pregnant with baby 2. The New Rules of Lifting was great, and now I'm following the Female Body Breakthrough. Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy!

Michelle said...

Hi Cassandra,
I am 28 weeks pregnant, and I have a question about the glucose tolerance test. I failed the 1 hour and now I have to take the 3 hour test. I have read conflicting advice about whether to carb-load in the days prior to the test. My midwife says it is not recommended anymore, but lots of internet sites say it is. Why would it be recommended to carb load? It seems counterintuitive! I'm also curious about the proper diet to follow with gestational diabetes. From what I've seen it looks like it's still a pretty high-carb diet. Shouldn't we follow more of a low-carb diet to control blood sugars? I'm not talking meat/veggies only, but sticking to low GI fruits and small servings of whole grains, for example? One diet I saw recommended 11 servings of bread, 3 servings of fruit and 4 servings of skim milk as an example - woah! That is like 3 times as many carbs as I normally consume! Any advice?
Thanks for keeping us up to date on your pregnancy! It's nice to have a fit pregnant role model!

Cassandra Forsythe said...

Hi Michelle

If your body isn't used to taking back 50+ grams of glucose in one shot and without any other nutrients to accompany it, yes, it's going to not respond favorably. So, it's no surprise you didn't pass the test.

The rationale to eat a high carb diet beforehand is because it will get your body used to processing a lot of carbs so you can pass the test if you do not really have diabetes. However, it's most likely that if you're fit, healthy, eat a good diet and haven't gained a lot of weight, you do not have GDM - even if you failed the 1 hr test. You have to think about it in context - if you always ate that much carbs at once with no protein and fats, you would probably have an issue. But, from what you tell me, you probably don't.

What you really should do is tell them you don't want to do the 3 hr test (think about it,... why subject your baby to all that sugar anyhow???) and instead get a glucose monitor and check your sugars after your own normal meal at home and while fasting. So, first thing in the morn, an hour after a normal meal and 2 hrs after. That's going to really give you the best picture of your health... not this over-sugar test.

And yes, the diet for GDM should be lower carbs with more proteins and fats... but the dietetic association thinks EVERYONE should follow a low fat diet... which is stupid. Check out the Nutrition and Metabolism Society webpage to learn why a lower carb approach is more appropriate:

Think about this for a sec too; the recommended diet for diabetes (high carb, low fat) recommends that you have to be on insulin to help control your sugars because the diet is totally ineffective. Yet, if one follows a low-carb approach, the need for meds is not there.

Anonymous said...

Aww your belly is getting bigger.
Can't wait to see the baby pics :)

P.S you were a pretty awesome teacher :)

Nicole said...

You look absolutely FAB Cassandra! A glowing healthy, fit, pregnant chickie!! Not long to go now!! Nicole xx

prashant said...

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