Thursday, August 30, 2007

Supplement Coach

Last week I was in Miami (like I have the time, eh? lol) doing filming for the credible online supplement and nutrition site:

I was asked to come down there along with Jose Antonio, PhD, Jeff Stout, PhD, Dr Hector Lopez, MD, Doug Kalman, PhD, Juan-Carlos Santana, CSCS, and world-class distance athlete Sonya Friend-Uhl, CSCS, to interview about various supplements and dietary practices used by athletes and non-athletes alike, such as creatine, caffeine, fish oil, low-carb diets, and beta-alanine.

The site was started by Melinda Mergen who had a dream and made it a reality. She wanted to help people obtain factual, scientific-based information about supplements and nutiriton without having to sift through hundreds of different books or weeding through some of the misinformation that is taking over the internet. So, she put together an easy to understand vehicle with which people could get this information without having to worry it was incorrect or a scam. The format it is presented is unique too: video files that have experts talking about the supplement or dietary practice. This makes it very easy to understand for those who don't want to always read tiny letters on a website.

Melinda is not only a smart business woman, but is very passionate and caring about what she's doing. She is truely dedicated to helping people understand supplements and diets so that they don't buy into something they don't need, or worse, take something that might harm them.

Melinda is also one of the most beautiful women I've met, both inside and out. As a model and a genuine caring person, she's one of the people that makes our world a more special place. I'm glad she asked me to join and I look forward to contributing more in the future.

In health, Cassandra

Now, back to my PhD!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No excuses to miss a workout

My life is pretty crazy (hence the long days between posts). Not only am I doing my PhD project in just a few short weeks, I'm doing edits for the new book I wrote, supervising a diet trial for the new book, doing assays in the lab for other research projects, writing for other websites, peer-reviewing papers for journals, writing questions for a new sports nutrition text book, etc etc, ALL while managing my own home, working out every day, attempting to plan a wedding and trying to not ignore my fiance Justin. Oh, and let's not forget getting at least 7 solid hours of sleep a night; any less and I feel really bad.

So, due to all this craziness, I have to make shortcuts wherever I can. First, I have about a 40 minute commute to work (the University) each way. On that drive, I get in most of my phone calls to friends, family and whatever else is going on.

Then, to ensure I eat well all day long, I cook large batches of food at one time, eat almost the same thing everyday and bring all my food with me wherever I go. This saves me from running to a cafeteria and being forced to choose something that just doesn't fit into any woman's (or man's) diet.

Finally, most importantly, I make sure I'm ready and able to exercise at all times. Luckily, I can wear running shoes and workout clothes to my job. So, like right now, I'm dressed in my workout shorts, a tank top and a pair of crosstrainers that can be used either for running or lifting (I really don't run that much, but I do run stairs at the football stadium or do sprints on the track). This way, when I get a free hour from the labwork at the University, I can walk over to the gym or the track and get a workout in. Or, if I don't want to workout at the U, I can hit my other gym on my way home from work.

Now, since not everyone has the luxury of wearing workout clothes all day long, you can always keep your gym bag with clothes and running shoes in your car, or carry your gym bag with you to work, if you take the train. This way you have no excuse to miss a workout because you've got everything with you.

Exercise is one of the most important ways (aside from good food choices) to keep your body weight steady, to keep your energy levels high, to help you sleep better at night and to make you feel good all over from head to toe. Don't rely on anyone else to workout for you. Make it your priority to get exercise in your life at least 30 minutes each day, everyday. If you have a workout partner, great, but don't let that make or break your date with exercise. Also, if you feel you need a trainer to spark new motivation in your workouts, suck it up and dish out the cash for someone to show you new moves for a few weeks. Trust me, it's worth it.

So, in summary, to make sure you never have an excuse to miss an opportunity to workout:
1. Keep gym clothes and shoes with you at all times
2. Even better, wear your gym clothes to work
3. Have two gym memberships in different areas so you can make it to the gym no matter where you are
4. Don't skip the gym just because your workout partner can't make it
5. Hire a personal trainer, or seek someone to design a new workout for you if you feel bored with your current routine

If any of you have other ideas, please share it in the comments. We can all benefit from other's experiences.

From one workout nut to another.