Saturday, November 7, 2009

Video of Saturday Women's Boot Camp

Hey Everyone!

Here's two videos for you to see what we do at Saturday morning women's boot camp at Lightning Fitness in South Windsor, CT.

In the first circuit, the ladies did 45 seconds on and 20 seconds rest of the following circuit:
1) Inverted Rows
2) Ball Weighted Supine Hip Extensions (SHE)
3) Bar Pushups
4) Squat to Cable Row
5) Mini-band Side Steppers
6) Landmine Rock Stars
7) Ab Wheel Roll-outs
We did these for four rounds following our Dynamic Warm-up. This video was taken at round three, so some of the ladies were getting a bit tired.

You can also see here my growth as a mommy... the belly is starting to get harder to hide :)

For the second round, we did the following circuit, 20 seconds on, 5 seconds off:
1) Battle Rope Drills (Slams, Alternates and Ins-Outs)
2) Kettle-bell Swings

After all that, we cooled down with easy stretching.

Happy Saturday!


UofMWolverine81 said...


This is out of pure curiosity...from where did the name Landmine Rock Stars? I haven't seen that particular movement referred to by that name before, and I am guessing that I should probably see the rock star connection, but I must be having a "dense" day today, hah, hah.

I was guessing it had something to do with a slight resemblance to what you might see going on with one of those microphones on a stand, but I am probably so far off base!

Cassandra Forsythe said...

Hey UofM,

Maybe it's not technically called that, but that's what I call it because it looks like a Rock Star doing his/her thing on stage with the mic. :) And, that's how I demo it :)

Adam said...

Love this workout, I think I will give it a whirl sometime. I've been looking for some good strength training exercises and I haven't found anything I like. I'll give it a whirl.

Up until this point my journey has only included cardio, but now I gotta start toning.

Thanks for sharing!!

Joanna Sutter said...

Looks like a fun class! I wish I lived in your neck of the woods!