Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One way to make exercise more appealing?

I love this. One of my colleagues posted this video awhile ago, but then again today my husband sent it to me too - he told me to blog about it (and that never happens...)

It's called "The Fun Theory"
The site who makes these videos has the following motto:

"This site is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better."

The video above is called The Piano Staircase and says,

"”Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do? See the results here"

I'd love to see this happen. I love taking the stairs even though everyone thinks escalators are so much better. I'd be one way to help people become more active.

Visit The Fun Theory website to learn other fun ideas to make our world a better place.


Niel K. Patel said...

Great post. Tell your husband thanks!

I can't recollect who else posted this on their blog, but sure is important.

Fun trumps convenience by a mile.

meredith said...

I love this video! Thanks!

Adam said...

This is such a cool video, my friend shared it with me on FB the other day and I loved watching it. Great to stumble upon it again!!


Anne said...

Nice video. I love it. I wonder how it feels to be in that stair. LOL..