Thursday, June 5, 2008

Come join me in Vegas for the ISSN Annual Conference

On Saturday, I'll be flying to Vegas for the 5th Annual International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference and Expo.

The focus of the conference is to present information about sports nutrition and supplement strategies to improve sport performance and health. I've gone every year since the very beginning to the ISSN conferences, and I can honestly say that it is hands-down the BEST (and most fun) place to get real-world information about sports nutrition and supplements.

The ISSN was founded by Dr Jose Antonio and Dr Doug Kalman in conjuction with several other important sports nutrition scientists such as Susan Kleiner, Rick Kreider, Jeff Stout, Mike Greenwood and John Ivy (the Nutrient Timing author), because there was a need for an organization that would disseminate the truth behind nutrition and sport, and make it fun at the same time.

The goal was accomplished with flying colors and the ISSN is now the top sports nutrition society in the world.

The conference begins this Sunday June 8th and continues until Tuesday June 10th.

To learn more about the ISSN and the conference, please visit the website: And if you support its goals and mission, you should consider becoming a member.

Also, if you're going to be attending the conference, please let me know as I'll be there the whole time and would love to meet you.

If you won't be there, I'll take notes and provide a summary next week.

After this conference I swear I'm not travelling again until my wedding in August. I've been on too many planes already this year!

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Joseph said...

Poor timing. My wife is flying there Sunday for work. I normally go with her but this year we just got back from our honeymoon in Italy last Sunday. Too bad, I would have loved to meet you and possibly see some of the conference.

Have a great time.