Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bunny Cancer? Is BPA to blame?

This weekend, I posted about my avoidance of plastic bottles due to their toxic chemical content, known as bisphenol A (BPA) and other potentially detrimental chemicals that are harming our health.

BPA mimics estrogen in the body and has been linked developmental delays in children, ADD, cancer and more.

What's even more sickening, is that I've just learned that in a study funded by the Environmental Health Fund, it was found that almost every baby bottle leached BPA into its contents! This may be one of the reasons there is increased prevalence of ADD in our children! This is horrible and totally not acceptable.

Something else got me thinking with respect to dangerous plastics: The other week, my friend had to take her bunny to the vet because it was urinating blood and not eating at all. The vet found that her bunny had an extremely large tumor on her uterus, and said that this was very common in bunnies.

Now, if you think about it for a second, you'd seriously ponder if plastic chemicals had anything to do with this? Almost every bunny drinks its water out of a plastic drinking bottle that's attached to its cage. These bottles are also used in hamsters, gerbils and other caged pets. In fact, my own puppy drank out of this for the first few months of his life (while he was crate trained), until I put a prompt stop to that!

How the heck would a bunny contract cancer anyhow? They don't use chemicals on their bodies (creams, sprays, etc). They don't eat foods with preservatives (the last time I checked, bunny food wasn't loaded with nitrites or other preserving chemicals). Bunnies don't eat food from a microwave, and they aren't (usually) exposed to car fumes or cigarette smoke. So.... you really start thinking: are these common tumors in bunnies a result of drinking out of plastic bottles their whole lives?

If it is, I'm going to be glad now that I've banned plastic bottles from my house. I won't buy anything in a plastic bottle now, and if I go hiking, I'll take my new Kleen Kanteen bottle that is totally plastic free.

On one hand, we're very lucky that our society has given us so many items that make our lives easier, but on other, it's also introduced many things that have threatened our health: trans fatty acids, microwaves, BPA, and many other chemicals and toxins that we only wish we never knew of.


Joseph said...

I know you're suggesting there's an association and not cause. Though could be.

I've never had a bunny but our 12 year old lab has tumors all over and so does my brother's old lab. While I'm sure that BPA is not good for you, I would think that the rabbit food that has replaced their traditional diet is a more likely cause. Same for the labs. I would think that high ratio of carbs, which I would think could not be part of their traditional diet, would accelerate cell division and weaken defense. Eventually the right (or wrong) mutations will occur, possibly with help of BPA, to allow the cancerous cell to live and replicate.

Companies are finally releasing dog food with no grains. Wellness is one, which we feed our dog. Not the grain free stuff since it just came out and its too late, but another line of their food. This is most likely what our next dog will eat.

Haven't thrown out all my Nalgenes yet. Though I don't use them as much now that I use a Camelbak for backpacking. I do have some Sigg bottle I can use until/if I get around buying some of the new ones. Which hopefully doesn't end up with similar problems.

Lindsay said...

This is so sickening to hear about. I drink bottled water all the time and now all of a sudden I'm learning that it's harmful to my health. Its so disappointing to learn that the people responsible for managing the health and safety or their customers, could care less.

Sherrie said...

Don't forget the pesticides etc in the bunny food!

I would imagine the plastic bottle situation would be made worse if the sun hits it as well.

I have never liked microwave ovens so I don't own one and I am currently trying to change over to glass and steel storage containers.

This whole plastic thing has me concerned about kettles with the constant heating of water and I have been trying to find one that is totally plastic free. Only ones I can find so far are stove top ones but considering we don't have gas running to the house and only gas bottles I'd prefer electric but looks like I will have no choice!

I don't have the link on hand but I remember sometime ago there was a place online in the US that were selling stainless steel sippy cups.