Sunday, April 6, 2008

My favorite protein bar for busy days.

It's been another super hectic couple of weeks in my research lab. Along with the guidance of Dr Bill Kraemer (the Resistance Exercise Research King) and Dr Volek, our lab has just started a new diet and training study that involves comparing the effects of whey protein with soy protein or carbohydrate supplementation in 9 months of resistance training in untrained young men and women.

Our outcome markers are antioxidant status, protein synthesis, inflammation, growth markers (like GH and IGF-1), strength, recovery and many other things.

We need to run 60 people through each supplement, which means we have to investigate at least 180 people!

Now, not only is this a huge undertaking, but it takes a TON of time to perform these kinds of research studies. Right now we're starting with 40 people so far, and it requires the researchers to be in the lab as early as 4:00 am and stay until 9:00 pm at night. When we have more subjects, it's going to be even earlier and later.... :(

That's right folks: For all of you who read these research papers in a few minutes and come to a quick conclusion with the results, just think for more than a minute how long it actually took to perform, assay and write up the study. This one its going to take at least 3 years to complete, and others take even longer.

It's insane, but that's research - and that's what I do everyday. Yay me.

So, for this week, since I have to basically live in the lab for the next 4 days, I packed a few grocery bags of food so that I don't have to miss meals or pay too much money to buy food out of the food court.

One of my favorite things that I've brought with me (aside from ground turkey... ;) ) is VPX Zero Impact High Protein Meal Bars.

Since there's not enough fridge space for me to pack all meat-based meals for the next four days, I rely on these bars to help me make wise food choices, but not end up with an upset stomach from fake sugars, alcohol sugars or cheap protein (and you're hearing this from the Queen of upset stomachs).

To quote the material on these bars:

  • Each Zero Impact High Protein MRB contains 30 grams un-denatured quality proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, fiber, and naturally occurring essential fats from nuts, seeds, grains; CLA and Sesamin.
  • ZERO Impact MRB's contain no soy, maltitol, hydrogenated oils or trans fats; artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Every effort has been made to make sure the sugars contained in Zero Impact MRB's™ are low DE (dextrose equivalent), and therefore have significantly less impact on blood sugar levels and glycemic index.
  • Zero Impact MRB's contain no maltitol or other sugar alcohols that are known to illicit a laxative effect or cause gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, you can enjoy an entire Zero Impact MRB without worry that shortly after consuming you'll suffer with stomach upset, bloating, intestinal cramping and/or diarrhea.
  • Zero Impact MRB's are setting a new standard for what "clean" high protein supplemental nutrition should be: 30 grams high quality protein; nothing artificial; stable blood sugar levels; healthy fats, fiber, and low glycemic carbohydrates!

If you're looking for a good bar to get you through long days and nights, these are definitely my top recommendation.

For the ladies: these bars may seem like they're high in total calories, which they are, but you don't have to eat a whole one at one time. Just go with half or three quarters and you'll feel full and get good, quality nutrients into your body.



Jaya said...

This research sounds awesome! I'm really curious as to what your findings will be. Although I'm not confined to a lab space, I can certainly relate to being a bit chained to work :S
I avoid protein bars like the plague, but you just have swayed my rigidity with your protein bar review.. Hope all is well. Stay strong, you're almost there!

jhazen said...

According to, the bars do have maltitol in them. Or were you talking about a different product?

Cassandra Forsythe said...

Hi Jhazen,

I'm not sure why there is this discrepancy. The bars I have right in my hand do not have maltitol on the label. This is strange. I will contact the company.

Cindy Moore said...

How much carb? Is there some place I can get the ingredients?