Friday, April 25, 2008

Mr, a new place to get your supplements at a great price!

I'm one of those people who LOVE their supplements (mostly protein and vitamins), and I've just discovered a new place to get inexpensive whey protein in addition to a many other great items all online. The site is Mr Protein and is based on the West Coast. Here's the information from their site:

Welcome to MrProtein.Com! The West Coast's Premier online retailer where you'll find quality, selection and always the lowest prices as well as the fastest West Coast service.

Look no further because if it's not on the site now, we can get it. Its that simple. With our own warehouse we can access just about any supplement you need, regardless if you see it or not. This is YOUR home, your place for info on the hottest new Bodybuilding and Nutritional Supplements on the market as well as info on how to live that California Bodybuilding lifestyle anywhere in the United States.

Don't play the shipping game; MrProtein.Com guarantees the lowest prices on the web and is committed to customer service, getting your products to you quickly and always FREE SHIPPING!

So, if you're a supplement fan like me and know the benefit of shopping online, I highly recommend Mr Protein to meet your needs.

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Christopher Cashell said...

Another interesting site, if you haven't seen it before, is

The big difference with TrueProtein is that they offer a large variety of protein types and allow you to create your own custom mix. So if you want something with 30% whey, 20% casein, 20% egg protein, and 30% milk protein isolate, you can do it. They also offer various flavors as another option, so you can select that however you want, or even buy it unflavored and get the flavor packs separately.

Fun stuff. ;-)