Monday, October 26, 2009

Women's Boot Camp Saturday Workout

This weekend in the North East was absolutely fabulous. The hubby, baby (in tummy) and I headed up to Kennebunk Maine to visit the Cressey's and hang out with our good friends Eric and Anna.

We also got a chance to goof around. Above is me (at 19 weeks and not looking so plump thanks to baggy sweaters) attempting to lift a 3 TON anchor in memory of George H. W. Bush (kidding).

Below is Eric, Anna and I on our bikes posing in front of Strong Lane (yes, we're all dorks).

I've finally learned after too many weekends working that we all need to take time on the weekends to enjoy life. This was one of those weekends and it's made me a better and happier person because of it.

Prior to our trip to Maine, I taught my Saturday Morning Women's Boot Camp Class at Lightning Fitness. After engaging the women in a good 10 min dynamic warm-up, we performed the following exercises in a circuit fashion:
***40 seconds of work, with 15 seconds to switch stations. 2-3 mins rest between sets, repeat 3-4 times.
A1) Landmine shoulder press tosses (basically a dynamic shoulder press with the landmine where you throw the bar from shoulder to shoulder)
A2) Dynamax Med Ball Side to Side Wall Slams
A3) Swiss Ball Supine Hip Extensions
A4) Mini Band Side to Side Steps (I like to call these "7th grade dancing")
A5) Ab Wheel Roll-outs
A6) Kettle Bell Deadlifts
A7) Ball-resisted V-sits

Then, we moved to the following exercises in a circuit style with 40/15 work rest. Repeated 3 times:
B1) Tire Jumps (jump on the 600 lb tire)
B2) Burpees
B3) Jump Rope (good to work those kegel muscles...)

Finally, we ended with a bit of core stabilization:
Front Planks/Side Planks
Dead Bugs
Supine Leg Lowering

Then, a good cool-down stretching period.

That was it! And, girl, those ladies were happy and tired! What a great way to start the weekend!!!

After I taught class I did the same workout with my training partner, but then threw in tire flips and a bit more abdominal work. I was pooped!

This week I'll get some video of our workouts so you can all see what we're up to. :)

Happy Monday!


Marni said...

I need to put together my video for my circuit session that I do and we can share our thoughts! I LOVE circuits. what a way to get my HR up in the morning. Also, starting my day with circuits has made me enjoyed lifting a lot more because I enjoy the high HR before I get into the weight room.
Thanks cass! You look great :)

UofMWolverine81 said...

I am supremely jealous of your lucky husband, because you look phenomenal, and not "well, you look phenomenal for being pregnant" but phenomenal...period! And you're especially inspirational with all of the effort you put in when a lot of women are just mailing it in and loading up on junk food.

Thank you for being such an inspiration and for always sharing a slice of your extensive knowledge via this blog.