Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do Your Genes Determine Which Diet Means Weight-Loss Success?

Recently, Katherine Hobson of U.S. News & World Report interviewed me for her article, titled,: Do Your Genes Determine Which Diet Means Weight-Loss Success?

This article is really great. It discusses why some women (and men) do better with certain diets/diet planning versus other individuals and other plans based on their diet-gene interactions.

She interviews plenty of other nutrition experts, PhDs and MDs and comes up with a lot of really interesting (and factual) information.

Thanks Katherine!

In other news: I just returned from a 5-day trip to Sedona AZ, which is one of the most beautiful places in the desert I've ever seen. My husband has the pics on his laptop, but I'll post some here and on my facebook profile this weekend (add me as a Facebook friend if you haven't already). We went there to celebrate a good friend's wedding, but also get away on vacation. We went with 7 other friends, stayed in a mansion (VRBO), rented Mercedes Benz cars (the groom worked at Enterprize and got us all sweet rides), saw the Grand Canyon, and enjoyed the beauty of Arizona. My baby also got to climb a rock face and see a tarantula (gross!). Overall, it was a great time and I did a lot of recreational exercise (hiking, climbing) which was fabulous.

This weekend I'm studying for my RD (Registered Dietitian) exam, which I'm taking on Monday. This exam finally allows me to have the designation of RD after all my years of school and after doing a year-long dietetic internship. So, other than working out (which, I've finally got my energy back and have been kicking butt in the gym... tonight I pushed the prowler and did 5x3 log press cleans amongst other great lifts), I'll be just studying, which is just SO much fun.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Be back soon.


Amy said...

Good luck on your exam! I will be in Sedona in November and I am so excited since I have never been to the American southwest. I have heard it is amazing.

Hiit Mama said...

We just moved from the Southwest back to the great Northwest (although I am origainlly from New England). Sedona is a magical place. Thanks for the article - interesting.

Doctor_Eva said...

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