Monday, September 7, 2009

Guest Blog: 7 Excellent Blogs for Wellness Tips

Today's blog comes from Mary Ward, a freelance writer who blogs about various job issues in the health care field, including how to study to obtain a MHA online.

7 Excellent Blogs for Wellness Tips

As people search for ways to improve upon their overall wellness, they look to the top blogs out there as one source of information. Though there are a number of blogs out there that focus on health specifically, these blogs will help you to pull out some general wellness tips as you get to better health in the process.

1. Dr. Weil – The nice part about this blog is that it offers a wide array of topics and some very common questions that one may have about wellness and health. No topic is off limits as this doctor goes in depth on everything from sexual health and well being to Vitamin D deficiencies, measuring all along the way just how important these factors are to your wellness. A very comprehensive blog indeed!

2. Wako Wa Salon: Everyday Wellness – This is one blog that appeals to the people and tells you that from the start. This is a blog that focuses around healthy living and wellness overall, with a strong focus on alternative medicine. Rather than throwing out traditional recommendations or going with the general public on all issues, this blog asks for content and contributions from those who know. The content is captivating and you are sure to learn something about wellness on here.

3. Deepest Health – Though the focus of this blog is on Chinese medicine and alternative approaches such as acupuncture, it also incorporates a deep understanding of wellness. You can learn some rather unconventional practices from the mainstream, but get a deeper understanding of how wellness pertains to your life and overall well being.

4. Medicine World – This isn’t what you would expect as it is overseen by a practicing physician, but focuses on your overall well being. The news stories are interceded by personal postings to give a fresh point of view. This is nice as it strays from the mainstream in that it focuses on well being rather than just how to get to better health alone from a very real and informed perspective.

5. Workin on My Fitness – Though the main focus is initially on diet and exercise, it encompasses healthy living and wellness overall. This blog offers a fresh and interesting perspective from a real person with a real point of view. She is down to earth and focuses on why good health equals overall wellness as part of the equation.

6. Balanced Health and Nutrition – What makes this an interesting blog is the fact that it calls out misconceptions and possible misinformation in the media and helps you to understand how to decipher all of it. That’s only one aspect of how this blog focuses on your wellness and how to achieve the results through healthy living and a good positive attitude overall.

7. Onibasu – As this blog focus is on alternative living and health practices, you can gain some excellent insight into wellness. You can learn everything about eating for your health to how to center yourself for proper mental health, making it a very comprehensive and easy to understand blog.

Good wellness tips are hard to come by, but these blogs make finding the good stuff easy. Follow along and be well!


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