Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celebrity Interview on Ready to Launch Fitness

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Casey Roberts of Ready to Launch Fitness. He called it a "celebrity interview" although I wouldn't exactly classify myself as one [just yet, that is ;) ].

He's also interviewed popular fitness trainers and advocates such as Dan John, Adam Glass and Forest Vance. Check out what they have to say about dieting, training and living healthy.

To read my interview by Casey and see what my thoughts are on these topics, click here.

Thanks, Casey!


Tracey said...

It read like a celebrity interview -- no real substance.

Michelle said...

Very cool you are a fitness celebrity to many Cass. There's no comparison to where I was and where I am now thanks to you and you're effect of a real educated trainer. Many women as I look up to and you're quirkiness ;)You are a real life coach!