Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love to lift

Now that I'm near the finish line, I treated myself to a great workout at my gym after I got done my internship rotation today.

And let me tell you: IT FELT GREAT!

I am in love with lifting. Some people say that they get a "runner's high" from running... well, I get a "lifter's high" from lifting heavy weights.

I started my workout with Clean to Press for 3 sets of 8 with 65 lbs and then 2 sets of 4 with 85lbs (the bar plus plates). Now, since this is an explosive movement, those weights may seem wimpy, but cleaning and pressing them four times is not really that easy. Between sets I did one-leg hip lifts on the exercise ball.

Then, I moved onto my favorite exercise: Deadlifts! I did 4 sets with weights that moved from 155 to 185. That's what probably made me feel so great.... lifting heavy makes my endorphins pour out from my glands. This was super-set (SS) with hanging leg raises.

Next, Standing overhead plate press SS with Bulgarians and Side bends.
Next, One arm splits stance shoulder press with pull-throughs (for my butt) and front planks.
Finally, weighted sit ups with side planks and Burpees.
Then, me in a puddle of sweat and a huge grin on my face.

Some guy even came up to me and said: "Are you training for something? Because you don't see women who workout like that at all"

I smiled at him and just said "That's why I co-authored a book on it so women will lift like this"


What a great day. I feel like a million bucks. :) Life is good.


Rayna said...

Good for you!!

I am glad to hear about another woman doing heavy lifting. I get the same questions at the gym mixed with comments about how I should stop before I "get too big" and dirty looks from the cardio bunnies.

Heavy lifting makes me feel like "super woman" and gives me a high as well. I'm always pumped when I leave the gym after doing some 1 RM Max attempts.

Hopefully you're book will reach out to more women like us!

Chris - fitnessfail.com said...

I've often rambling on the same subject, but since my writing if really only read withing the training/blogging community there is a big element of "preaching to the choir". I doubt the people who really need to hear this message will from my writing.

I really hope your book starts to change some of the prevailing notions about women and lifting, and it's excellent to see someone trying to cut through the nonsense most women seem to have hammered into them.

Rob Sinnott, CSCS, AFAA-PFT said...

It's great to see an intelligent female throwing weights around. Extremely motivational buddy, keep up the hard work

push big weight!

theoddbod said...

gotta love that heavy weight! good on ya for doing a real workout, haha!

Linda said...

I love lifting too!
I just got a trainer and I'm pumped!

Anonymous said...

I understand; practising kettlebells takes me to my "happy place".