Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get rid of the skinny girls. Give me the originals.

Today MSN Lifestyle came out with this article by Glamour pictating 70 years of Women American Style Icons.

As I was looking through them I noticed a few things:
1) The women representing the original woman were extremely young
2) The women didn't do the originals any justice.

Take the example above. In the second picture is the real image of the beautiful, muscular and athletic Brandi Chastain. Who, at 31 in 1999, scored the game-winning penalty kick against China in the first-ever women’s World Cup soccer final, in 1999. Her famous celebratory removal of her jersey is one of the most memorable images in sport. And it should be. Look at that muscle, look at that devotion, look at that love for the sport.

Then, before it, we have a 26-year old, underfed female actress who displays not even the least amount of muscle. Sure, she's skinny, but I bet her body fat is a LOT higher than Brandi's. Her muscle mass sure is less.

And what's wrong with a truely athletic muscular woman anyhow? Is it too MANLY to have biceps and separation in one's quads like Brandi does? Apparently so, since none of the women in the pictoral have any of this. Not even the woman who was supposed to re-create Rosie the Riveter - the true strong woman of the 40's.

Pathetic. Give me a real Brandi or Rosi anyday and save the underfed women for SHAPE magazine or some other magazine encouraging women to develop eating disorders.


Pip said...

The real photo is fabulous. I've never heard of Brandi or seen her original photo before, but I think I'm an instant fan!

Jonathan Fass said...

"Pathetic. Give me a real Brandi or Rosi anyday and save the underfed women for SHAPE magazine or some other magazine encouraging women to develop eating disorders."

Love it.

Bernee said...

I agree with you 110%. I cannot stand looking at those skinny women in magazines like Shape and I find they are getting worst.

Liz said...

I absolutely agree! I remember watching that game as a young(er) girl and considering every one of those women my role models. I bought every magazine with Chastain on the front and framed the covers! It was the first time I realized a woman could be strong, powerful, and no less a woman for it. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! I agree!

through my own life experience what I have learned about magazines is that they are published for people who haven't learned to think for themselves and they all conform to the brainless, unhealthy ideal of just being "thin". These people really are ignorant and have NO IDEA how much knowledge, research, effort, and determination (as well as a dedication to one's own ideals) go into athleticism and being strong. It's THEIR loss!

LizN said...

couldn't agree more :)

And why do those models have to be so young. I like being a healthy nearly 40 year old

Anonymous said...

I wish I looked like Brandi! She is great

Rayna said...

To be honest, I think woman (who take care of themselves) look their best in their thirties, early forties. I'm 24 and work out like crazy. I love being muscular even though guys at the gym are often intimidated by having a girl in the free weight section and I've even been told that I need to stop or I'll look manly. Uh dude, I weight 125 lbs and I'm 5 ft 6, I have a LONG way to go before then and last time I checked it won't sneak up on you over night. (not to mention I don't take steroids.... ) I love how I feel and the BF loves how I look. I just wish I wasn't always being compared to those girls in "shape" magazine who can fit into a size 4.

I use to wear a size 4, before my leg fat turned to muscle and filled my pants like jello. :-)