Monday, January 12, 2009

What would you say to the USDA? Low-carbers speak out.

If you had the chance to modify the dietary recommendations for Americans and really target weight loss, what would you say?

Specifically, for those who have experience with a low-carbohydrate lifestyle in any level or intensity, what thoughts would you share with the people who write the dietary recommendations? How would you help the "experts" write the dietary recommendations so others could follow a low-carb lifestyle successfully?

The reason I ask is because the Nutrition and Metabolism Society is looking for as many of these recommendations and experiences possible in order to publish them in a scientific publication and share them with the 2010 dietary guidelines panel of experts.

The hope is to help them come up with dietary guidelines that will help people looking for recommendations when following a low-carbohydrate diet.

If you have anything to share, please post your reply here in the comments. I will share these with the NMS Society and your voice will be heard.


Mistress Bratt said...

Cassandra why do we make something so simple so complicated! There is only one kind of FOOD! Food that is (or once was) alive! The more man has messed with it and the more you have to do to be able to eat it the less you should be eating it. The closer it is to it's natural state when you eat it the healthier it is for you. Therefore the most important foods and the ones that should be the biggest section in the pyramid are fruits and vegetables. Then protein which includes eggs. Then beans and nuts. Cheese, oils, etc. require processing. They are created by man and should be eaten in moderation. You get the idea.

As a side note I'd be happy to never hear the term low carb again! I don't eat a low carb diet. My diet is high in healthy whole carbs in the form of fruits and vegetables every time I eat. Fruits and Vegetables treated like a separate entity when in fact they are carbs. I could go on and on but I'll shut up now.

Mistress Bratt said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention I lost 50 lbs in 5 months by switching from the modern day crap diet to a healthy whole food diet that was mostly lean proteins, vegetables and fruit. This isn't rocket science. It's simple, but I admit it not always easy. I'm a massive sugar addict! However when I eat this way I don't crave sugar anymore. I want it sometimes out of habit or from seeing it but I don't crave it. You are what you eat and you crave what you eat. Eat junk you'll crave junk. Eat good food and you'll crave good food. Ok, I'm really shutting up now. : )

Josi said...

I agree Mistress....any "food" that has been ground to a fine powder and then backed/fried/etc should probably not be in the food!!!