Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A nice thank you from a Perfect Body Diet dieter

Today I received this nice email from a woman following Women's Health Perfect Body Diet. I thought I'd share it all with you:

Dear Cassandra,

I was at the book store two weeks ago and came across your book, The Perfect Body Diet, which I almost didn't pick up, but it was sitting next to the book I was going to buy so I picked up and started browsing. With the name I expected to be the typical newest diet craze/fad, but then I started reading different sections and was pleasantly surprised by how you explained everything so reasonably and logically. I left the bookstore with your book and not the one I thought I was going to buy.

I read PBD cover to cover in one night and it is now covered in post-its with all of my calculations, goals, and notes. I did the protein and carb tests but in the mean time also started aplying what I had learned before I had even tried the recipes or used the sample meal plan. Without even really trying I've already lost 5 poundsin the last week! I'm not sure how but the scale just keeps dropping and I love it.

I have had to tweak some of the recipes to make them gluten free since I am gluten intolerent but it's been really fun and fairly easy to adapt.

I know I'm just starting but I have a feeling I will be using your book as reference for many years to come.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful, straight forward, and sane book.



Anonymous said...

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