Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Talking on the Fitcast with Kevin, Jen and JFass

I hope you all had a great Turkey weekend!

We had the festivities at my house this year, which was both cool and a bit stressful. You see, I'm a compulsive cleaner (yes, I love Mr Clean) and I couldn't let people come over until my whole house was spotless. The good thing about OCCD is that you get a great workout at the same time!
The other cool thing about having the meal at my house is that I got to somewhat "overview" what food was put on the table. Yes, we had the traditional bread n butter stuffing mix, but instead of a high-calorie sweet potato casserole that my sister was going to make, I baked Delecata Squash rings with thyme and olive oil and bit of sea salt and saved our wastelines and our hearts. I also made a low-sugar, low-carb apple crisp for dessert, which was yuuummmmyyyy. :) My family still reached for the regular pumpkin pie, but at least I had something else to treat myself with.
How was everyone else's dinners? I hope you were able to enjoy it as much as I.
This past weekend also involved an interview I did with Kevin, Jen Heath and Jonathan Fass on the Fitcast.
I this episode we spoke about training, diets for women, and low carbing. Jonathan also chimed in with his brainiac knowledge of muscular imbalances.... if you've ever wondered why you have love handles, but your body fat is low, you might just want to listen to what Jonathan had to say.
Check out the episode HERE. And, while you're there, have a listen to some of the other episodes. The one with the creator of Bigger, Faster, Stronger, (the movie about steriods in America) with Chris Bell is especially cool.
Have a great week!


SG Human Performance said...

Would you be willing to share your apple crisp recipe? Great post!

Jennifer said...

I like what you do! Anything to motivate people to stay on track during the holiday season is a good thing : )