Monday, December 8, 2008

Just Do It....

Nike's slogan "Just Do It" is a pretty darn good one to live by, especially when your goals are to improve your body, health and mind.

For example, have you ever planned to go to the gym to workout after work, but then after a long day at the grind, all you want to do is go home, eat and sit in front of the T.V.? And, if you did this, you'd probably eat more food than you really needed out of sheer boredom and stress? Then, all your body composition goals would be thrown out the window

Tonight, I had one of these feelings, and almost bailed out on a workout that I really had no reason to not get in. It was a very cold day and was getting dark by the time I got out of work. The temps were in the teens (yes, it was cold...) and, for some reason I was feeling really tired (actually, Aunt Flo and TOM were the culprits). So, the whole time I was driving to the gym, I was trying make excuses for not going. Then, when I finally got there, I sat in the parking lot for awhile and read my email on my Blackberry (aka, Crackberry). Then, it started to get cold in the car, so I figured I'd at least go in to do a short workout, but no more.
When I got in there, and got warmed up, a new surge of energy hit me. I ended up staying for an hour an 20 minutes and worked myself so hard that I had a hard time walking when I left. I started with front squats and did four sets of 10-12 with 115lbs supersetted with front planks. Then, I moved onto front reverse lunges in the squat rack, with 95lbs for four sets of 6 each leg. Next, was weighted step ups supersetted with weighted v-sits. Finally, I hit leg press with four plates each side supersetted with decline dragonflags and crunches. My legs were killing me, but in a good way. And, to think, I didn't even want to go to the gym tonight, but ended up having a totally great workout! Who would've thunk, eh? :)
So, like Nike says: Just Do It.
Don't let your mind trick you into giving up. You really do have the strength and the energy to get your workouts in. There are No Excuses when you have a goal in mind. The key is to stick to your goals and not let anything get in your way.
Now; stop sitting there and get moving! Enjoy your workout!


SG Human Performance said...

great post Cassandra! My wife has what she calls it her "10 minute rule". Get to the gym and give yourself at least 10 minutes. Still feeling like crap after that then you are allowed to shut it down, but 99% of the time she gets that energy rush that you talk about.

Not sure what the decline dragon flags are. Will have to youtube that one. Thought your podcast with the fitcast group was great by the way.

theoddbod said...

good on ya! you had more toughness than i did last leg workou, that's for sure, haha!

Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff as always! I've had clients where their whole goal to start is to just DRIVE to the GYM! Next goal, drive to the gym, change clothes and then you can leave.

Many times they end up having a great training session just as you did!

Happy Holidays!
Rock on
Mike N

CQ said...

I've had that conversation many times driving to the gym or before I put on my sports bra for a workout at home. Just like your experience, most of the time those are my most productive workouts. When I start I'm all scattered but once I've gotten the warm up in and grabbed a weight or two, I'm focused and ready to hit it.

I like SG's "10 minute rule". I use that for my runs when I dont feel like doing it. I set my watch for a 10min timer. It always seems like I get a little kick at 9.5 min so I end up doing more sets of 10.

Great posts- love reading and hearing you on fitcast. My mother's christmas stocking included a copy of New Rules :)! Best present I got her this year.

Anonymous said...

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Roxanne said...

Wow nice post. I wonder how you guys manage to have time to work out. I wish I could do it too.