Friday, May 23, 2008

There's no place like home - stranded in Kansas

This past week I've been in Kansas City for the ISSFAL international conference. ISSFAL stands for "International Society of the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids" and is one of the top organizations for determining the health effects of fatty acids (dietary fat) on every tissue of the body.

This conference was amazing and I'll be blogging on the summary once I get back home. For now though, I've been waiting for the past 24 hours for a flight to get me back as the tornados in Colorado really messed up everyone's flight plans.

One thing I'd like to tell you all now is that fish oil fats are pretty much the best thing that a human can take to prevent disease and keep mental health in line. It can prevent heart attacks, reverse depression and treat ADHD. So, if you're not taking your fish oil and eating ocean raised salmon, you're really doing your body a disjustice.

From this conference I also learned that the quality of fish oil REALLY does matter and was introduced to a few companies and products that have the purest fish oil on the market; instead of using chemicals and heat to extract the fish fat, these companies use carbon dioxide. I'll reveal those companies to you this weekend. Yes, Costco brand fish oil may be cheap, but when you're taking a lot of it, you really want to get a brand that actually doesn't cost much more but is lower in toxic chemicals... and I'm not talking about mercury here.

Until then, I'm clicking my heels together 3 times and hoping my next flight actually gets me home. No more airports for me. :)


Lindsay said...

I always get confused when it comes to fish oil. I never know what to buy, so I just end up getting the "Value Size" bottle and take the capsules according to the instructions listed on the bottle. I heard that a good brand is Carlson Fish Oil, have you heard of this?

yumi said...


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Lindsay said...

I get so confused when when it comes to fish oil. I never know what brand to buy or what to look for, so I end up buying the value size on my CVS run and just following the instructions on the bottle. I've heard a brand named "Carlson" is really good. Have you heard of this brand?

Spork Boy said...

I'm almost out of my fish oil and have to buy some soon. Don't delay! I need to know!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I hope you made it back home in one piece.