Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fat Loss Pros

This past summer I was brought on along with many notable experts on fat loss to speak about my tips for permanent fat loss success. Jen Heath put us all together on one DVD for you to enjoy.

Some of the experts on this project include:
Dr Lonnio Lowery
Scott Abel
Kelli Calabrese
Charles Staley
and... Alwyn Cosgrove (the Scottish Fat Loss Genious!)

I blogged about this last year when it first came out, but I wanted to bring it up again due to the wealth of information you'll get in one easy listening experience. Also, because this is the time of year that we're all looking to lose a bit of holiday flab.

To pick it up or check it out, click here

If you get it, let me know how much you love it!

Happy Fat Burning!

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rOXANNE said...

Nice post.. Gotta check out that DVD.