Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More safe water resources

Wow! The responses to my last blog post were great! Some emails, some comments, but overall, so many people are also concerned about safe drinking water.

Remember: water cooler bottles are also #7 plastic... so stay away.

To help understand what kind of water crisis we're really in, and how to make your tap water even safer, I encourage you to visit the following sites:

The Free Water Report

Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Water Task Force

Food and Water Watch Report

Then, for a really great read, all about water, please check out John Hinds book (pictured above): What's in your water? , available on amazon.com. It's rated with nine 5stars and gives you many ways to obtain safe drinking water.

Water: it shouldn't be so dangerous, but it can be, so choose wisely.

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Nathan said...

Thanks for sharing. I was aware of the environmental issues related to plastic containers but I was not aware of the health risks. I will definitely be looking into this further.