Saturday, April 4, 2009

Picking the right brand of Glucomannan

Happy Spring Readers!

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely resurgance of Spring!

Also, with Spring, comes t-shirts, shorts and... eventually,... bathing suits. Oh my!

With that said, many women are picking up my new book, Perfect Body Diet, to help them reach their perfect body goals.

This book is great in that it teaches you how to determine what types of foods are best for your body and recognizes that we're all different. It also has an excellent workout plan, developed by yours truly, that'll definitely help shed uncomfortable body fat.

In the diet plan, I've incorporated a special fiber called glucomannan. This fiber comes from the Konjac plant and is tasteless, colorless and odorless. You can mix it in many types of foods, like oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, and it'll make them thicker and more filling without any aftertaste or grit. But... that also depends on the brand you buy to use.

I've had a few readers email me saying that the brand of glucomannan they bought just doesn't mix well or taste right. When I ask them which one it is, it's not the one I spent months researching and cooking with.

When it comes to glucomannan, quality is important. The best brand I've found is Your Perfect Mannan brand. This brand comes from a high purification process and contains no added fillers or thickeners. It's plain white (instead of off-white like some brands) and mixes smooth and effortless (other brands are clumpy and chalky... not good for your food).

So, please, if you're using glucomannan as part of your own perfect body plan, buy the brand that works best. Your Perfect Mannan brand is a true winner and is the same brand of glucomannan we use in research at the University of Connecticut.

To learn more about Your Perfect Mannan glucomannan, please visit the website here:

You'll find new recipes, complete referenced research and happy testimonials.

With glucomannan you can reach your goals without feeling starved. It works great and is a safe and non-stimulatory addition to your weight-loss goals.