Thursday, August 16, 2007

No excuses to miss a workout

My life is pretty crazy (hence the long days between posts). Not only am I doing my PhD project in just a few short weeks, I'm doing edits for the new book I wrote, supervising a diet trial for the new book, doing assays in the lab for other research projects, writing for other websites, peer-reviewing papers for journals, writing questions for a new sports nutrition text book, etc etc, ALL while managing my own home, working out every day, attempting to plan a wedding and trying to not ignore my fiance Justin. Oh, and let's not forget getting at least 7 solid hours of sleep a night; any less and I feel really bad.

So, due to all this craziness, I have to make shortcuts wherever I can. First, I have about a 40 minute commute to work (the University) each way. On that drive, I get in most of my phone calls to friends, family and whatever else is going on.

Then, to ensure I eat well all day long, I cook large batches of food at one time, eat almost the same thing everyday and bring all my food with me wherever I go. This saves me from running to a cafeteria and being forced to choose something that just doesn't fit into any woman's (or man's) diet.

Finally, most importantly, I make sure I'm ready and able to exercise at all times. Luckily, I can wear running shoes and workout clothes to my job. So, like right now, I'm dressed in my workout shorts, a tank top and a pair of crosstrainers that can be used either for running or lifting (I really don't run that much, but I do run stairs at the football stadium or do sprints on the track). This way, when I get a free hour from the labwork at the University, I can walk over to the gym or the track and get a workout in. Or, if I don't want to workout at the U, I can hit my other gym on my way home from work.

Now, since not everyone has the luxury of wearing workout clothes all day long, you can always keep your gym bag with clothes and running shoes in your car, or carry your gym bag with you to work, if you take the train. This way you have no excuse to miss a workout because you've got everything with you.

Exercise is one of the most important ways (aside from good food choices) to keep your body weight steady, to keep your energy levels high, to help you sleep better at night and to make you feel good all over from head to toe. Don't rely on anyone else to workout for you. Make it your priority to get exercise in your life at least 30 minutes each day, everyday. If you have a workout partner, great, but don't let that make or break your date with exercise. Also, if you feel you need a trainer to spark new motivation in your workouts, suck it up and dish out the cash for someone to show you new moves for a few weeks. Trust me, it's worth it.

So, in summary, to make sure you never have an excuse to miss an opportunity to workout:
1. Keep gym clothes and shoes with you at all times
2. Even better, wear your gym clothes to work
3. Have two gym memberships in different areas so you can make it to the gym no matter where you are
4. Don't skip the gym just because your workout partner can't make it
5. Hire a personal trainer, or seek someone to design a new workout for you if you feel bored with your current routine

If any of you have other ideas, please share it in the comments. We can all benefit from other's experiences.

From one workout nut to another.



Regina Wilshire said...

Tag! You're It!

I've selected you to play tag and post 8 random things about you on your blog and then tag eight other people when you're done. You can't tag me back!

Maggie said...

Glad you are posting again, Cassandra! (I'm looking forward to your NROLFW book this fall, BTW. I've got it on my Amazon wishlist already.)

I get to wear my workout clothes to my job, too--in fact, I'm in my Asics, workout pants, and a tank top now--but since I'm often stuck at work (including my commute) for over 13 hours a day, here are a few of the things I do in order to get in a workout even when we are in a deadline crunch:

- Keep the gym bag, including shower gear and a change of underwear, in the trunk of my car.

- I use the mini-gym and pool at a nearby apartment complex (they never check if you are a resident) for lunch-break workouts.

- Walk around the office complex or run up and down the stairs.

- Keep resistance tubing and a spare pair of socks in my desk drawer and an extra pair of workout shoes under my desk.

- Sit on a stability ball at work instead of a chair. (2 minute crunch and elevated push-up break anyone?)

- Keep the Turbulence Training bodyweight workout manual (and the 10 minute workout manual from last December) in my purse.

- Load up my tiny MP3 player (also in my purse) with yoga and Cardio Coach workout audios so I can knock out a workout anywhere.

Maggie said...

More ::HUGS:: from me. Take care of yourself and let us know if there's anything we can do to help!

Cassandra Forsythe said...

Thanks Maggie!

Anything to help eh? Hmmm... You want to do my dissertation for me? LOL.

You know what really helps actually? It's reading your blog and learning from your motivational posts. Please keep up the good words, and I'll try to do the same here. Your blog keeps me going when I think I'm sinking. :)


Jaya Dixit said...

Cass, I always snoop in here hoping that there's a new post and zing! here it is!

I really like the mobility of your message - for anything in life that matters to a person, the time need only be made. Although my parlez-vous could use some work, I've always been fond of the expression "on a le temps qu'on se donne." (AKA We have the time we grant ourselves)

Keep doing what you love and even sometimes what you don't. Eventually they all just blur into days bygone, but the challenges will always mean more.

Keep us posted and keep rockin the casbah.


Jimmy Moore said...

Dang, I thought I was busy, Cass! Yikes! Breathe every chance you can. :)

Katie said...

Thanks for the motivation! I skipped my workout today, and this is exactly what I needed to make sure I don't skip again. I only recently discovered your blog, but I love the words of wisdom and encouragement you give! What kind of diet trial are you doing for the book? And how can I pre-order it through Amazon?

Ivonne said...

Can I get a fashionably-late-to-the-party "hell yeah"? Missed reading your posts! Wow - you are one busy lady! SUPERCASS!

Glad to see you posting again! And such a good topic, too!

Some of my own include most of yours (gym clothes always in the car, mass-cooked food so i eat healthy meals all day, gym membership at both ends of town...)

I usually tag the gym before work, 5 AM, get my workout and shower out of the way, and then ge on with the day. No excuse to miss the workout if i put it in at the beginning of the day. Anything else I do that day is just a bonus. If I sleep in (get up at 6 instead of 4), then i go during lunch or right after work on the way home.

Also, i work in a physical therapy clinic, and we have exercise equipment. When I know that I won't be able to work out before or after work that day, and the lunch hour might be cut short because patients are coming in earlier, then I use my half of my lunch hour and hop on the Airdyne bike, or do a little "cardio medley" on several of the machines, throw in a little core work, and maybe some medicine ball throws on the rebounder and call it a workout. We have a shower on-site, which makes freshening up really easy. When the weather is cooler, i go for a jog or a fast walk during lunch instead.

My coworkers think Im nuts, I guess. They just say, "so what if you don't make it to the gym... you can go tomorrow." But to me, that is a lame excuse to procrastinate or skip a workout.

Like Jaya says, above, if it really matters, the time can be made for it. And I'll add, if it doens't really matter, excuses can be made for it. :)

Anonymous said...

Started doing something today that's oh-so-simple-it's-a-pity-I've-waited-this-long-to begin; I live in a six story building. I live on the 5th floor. I am terrified of elevators. Hate them. Modern necessity, but hate 'em.
Yep, you guessed it. Started walking up and down instead of waiting for the lift. Thighs and calves were on fire by floor 3; breathing hard by floor 4.
And thrilled to have figured this little bit of a workout out now.